New Website Live: Lulu's Sweets Boutique! 🧁🎉

New Website

New Website: Lulu's Sweets Boutique

By Taylor Hillard

Published July 6th, 2023

Screenshot of new website, cake collection page

We are so excited to share that our first client website is now live!

Lulu's Sweets Boutique is a bakery located in West Chester Township, Ohio specializing in cakes, french macarons, cupcakes, and buttercream cookies.

We initially began discussions with owner, Rosanna, during a very exciting time for her business. After nearly 5 years of successful home baking, she was about to take the leap into opening a new retail space! This new space was going to increase her and the team's capacity to bake more volume and reach new customers.

We built them a feature-rich, fully custom, Shopify store. As Shopify Partners, we were able to build complex and custom tailored integrations specifically for their unique business needs, such as pick-up order scheduling, product customization, and much more.

Previously, all orders came in over the phone or email and would usually require multiple "back-and-forths" between her and her customers. Now what took hours, only takes minutes, optimizing operations and delivering a substantially improved customer experience.

Alongside the website, we helped them migrate Point of Sale systems to Shopify POS and seamlessly integrated the website with it. With their new website as a foundation, Lulu's now has an omni-channel e-commerce platform enabling direct selling through their social media pages like Instagram and Facebook, their Shopify POS, as well as Google, TikTok, and more - all through a single unified backend.

At the time of publishing, the site's Google Core Web Vitals scores for Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, and SEO are 98, 98, 100, and 100 respectively. Read about these scores in our blog post on web performance.

Rosanna and her team have been a pleasure to work with, and we are honored to get to continue on this exciting journey with them. It's been a blast watching the orders roll in and seeing what customized creations their customers have been able to order using the features we built into the site.

If you are in Cincinnati and want to support a local, family business, with exceptional quality products (not just saying that), order a cake for your next special occasion through the site, and when you pick it up in-store, tell them their very cool web developers sent you! 😉

Stay tuned for future case studies and learnings.